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Tripura: Agri Dept not releasing farmers’ money for paddy seeds, causing huge financial problem for farmers

More than half of the population in the state is dependent on agriculture and allied activities where it has been reported by farmers.

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Udaipur: A total of 76 numbers and more farmers in different areas of Udaipur subdivision have not received money after giving a supply of paddy seeds to the agriculture department.

More than half of the population in the state is dependent on agriculture and allied activities where it has been reported by farmers.

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Sharing this information in course of conversation with Kiran Bhowmik of UNI Stinger, a section of farmers falls under South Bagma, Karoiyamura, Bagabasa, Jamjuri, Mirja and others area, said the farmers gave supply of paddy seeds to agriculture department at amount of Rs 24 per kilogram.

The sources of farmers’ communities at Bagma Agri Sector Office area under Deputy Director of Agriculture, Gomati District of Tripura said a total of 30,000 kg paddy seeds worth of Rs 7,20,000 sold by 76 numbers of farmers to the agriculture department in February 2020 but the farmers have not received money from agriculture department for last 1.4 years.

A few days ago, a Farmer of Bagma area Sanju Dey who had supplied a total of 9,600 kg paddy seeds to the government through Bagma Agri Sector Office, said all the farmers are facing problem in Bagma areas to continue agricultural activities because of their financial shortage.

On Thursday, a section of agricultural scholars said the agrarian state Tripura depending on agricultural activities where the net agricultural cropped area is 2,55,070 hectors, area sown more than 2,19,428 hector, gross cropped area 4,74,498 hector and cropping intensity 186 per cent.

The main crops and it’s yearly production are rice 7,11,831 MT, wheat 300 MT, Maize 5,863 and pulses 5,154 MT. The total foodgrains production 7,23,148 MT and total oilseeds production 4,613 MT in the state Tripura.

Sharing this information on discussion of scholars under Agricultural Economics, said the report on Tripura Agriculture published by Government of Tripura reveals that agriculture sector is a most important sector in the state Tripura.

The official sources of the Director of Agriculture, Government of Tripura said the process has been starting by the department of agriculture to pay money of farmers for paddy seeds supply.

Farmers community people under Bagma, Khupilong, Bagabasha, Jamjuri and others area falls under Udaipur Subdivision of Tripura’s Gomati District, have demanded their money from the government because the farmers are facing huge financial crisis in COVID-19 situation.

Referring to the benefit of farmers, the Government of Tripura may issue an order to Agriculture Department to repay the farmers amount for their paddy seeds.

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