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8-year-old boy beats post Covid MIS-C complication in Mother’s Care Children Hospital, Imphal

The child was having high fever, diarrhea, red eyes, red lips and tongue for nearly six days when he was admitted in the hospital

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Imphal: An 8-year-old child got a new lease of life after he was successfully treated for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), a serious life-threatening post-Covid complication at the Mother’s Care Children Hospital and Research Centre, Imphal. This is the second time the hospital has successfully treated such patients in the last year.

The child was having high fever, diarrhea, red eyes, red lips, and tongue for nearly six days when he was admitted to the hospital, said an official of the hospital and added he was confirmed of having MIS-C after laboratory tests ruling other infections.

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“Costly definitive medication was given within 7 hours of admission. The child responded well, became afebrile within 24 hours. This early intervention saved him from the usual complications such as shock, cardiac and other multi-organ involvement. He was discharged well on Day five (5) of illness fully recovered,” said the official.  

Recalling the first case they had encountered, the official of the Children Hospital cautioned that MIS-C is a real and present danger especially at this waning period of pandemic.

He, however, said that parents should not panic. Early diagnosis and intervention is the key to good outcome. Parents need to be alert and report children having fever with red eyes, red lips and tongue, diarrhea, rashes or swelling of neck glands usually with the marked irritability.

The index of suspicion should be higher especially if a child had COVID 19 infection two to six weeks prior. MIS-C can occur in children having no proven COVID-19 infection, a child could be having an asymptomatic infection, not tested. With the daily population of COVID-positive children making up 18-20 per cent of all COVID positive populations, it will be foolhardy not to expect MIS-C in the coming weeks. Being aware is the key to optimum intervention and good outcomes, he added.

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