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Three years of BJP role: A glimpse in success and failures in Tripura

The party here is the tool for the controlled exertion of public opinion and public grievances whereas the administration including its cabinet is the mechanism of soothing and redressing the concerns in a fruitful one.

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Ambassa: In a successful democracy, the party in power and the administration must work in good co-ordination still maintaining a conscious and visible difference.

The party here is the tool for the controlled exertion of public opinion and public grievances whereas the administration including its cabinet is the mechanism of soothing and redressing the concerns in a fruitful one. And in the last three years of the incumbent government’s rule this symposium is found to be seriously missing as a result of which the plans and dreams for a better future are not being executed with the truest spirits.

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Obviously, the most sceptical opponent of the present state government would also admit that in the last three years the state government has taken up different high-ambitious projects and plans. Atal Jaladhara Mission, Mukhyamantri Jan Aarogya Yojana, Jumchas Sahayata Prakalpa, Mukhyamantri Swanirbhar Yojana, Mukhyamantri Unnat Go-Dhan Prakalpa, Lakshya Yojana, Natun Disha are some to name here.

Besides, introduction of Sugar and Masoor Dal in the public distribution system in subsidized rates, inclusion of locally produced boiled rice in PDS add to the public facilities. Moreover, the effective handling of COVID-19 situation at least in case of providing free of cost food items has also added to the efficiency of this government. In the coming days, such initiatives are hoped to be increased in numbers and quantities. And probably here comes the importance of coordination.

In democracy a government is bestowed with the responsibility of providing its citizens all the means of better livelihood, better opportunity, better use of available resources and transparent means of executing welfare works and schemes. Then what happened in the last three years ? Has the government been able to maintain all the prerequisites for a true governance as has been claimed prior to its coming into power? The result is both positive and negative. The resources like fruits and berries have well been showcased, marketed and if the COVID has not clamped its clutch then the outcome would be brighter.

In the case of using and exploring human resources, the government seems to be detached from the sentiments and needs of the people and its administrative structures being confined in the hands of some bureaucrats who have been acting more like professional of MNCs than the role of being loyal to public for which they are being paid every month. And the situation has resulted into bundles of unhappy results like failure of attainment of reaching the aim of developed Tripura, inclusion of much unwanted outsourcing even after having opportunity of recruiting the men power in government structures, deprivation of local booksellers and publishers, increasing unemployment etc etc. Seriously, a section of bureaucrats from the Secretariat to the Sub division level where rank and file are regularly attached to the administrative process are acting consciously against the government, causing much woe and worry for the people. And there seems no mechanism to check those bureaucrats.

Now, the party remains quite unaware of its role of serving the people. A good section of local representatives and party leaders have engaged themselves into random corrupt practices to pocket undue profit. They are not at all bothered whether the rank and file is taking it against them or not. And this is fuming the anti-incumbency factor.

The assimilation of the party and the government is a must and here the most important factor is seriously missing in the last three years. As a result, whether the Chief Minister is claiming to provide quality road ways as per the HIRA vision, the party sponsored section throughout the state is making it a fun. And probably the anxiety has resulted in unwanted delay in holding ADC elections and Civic Body polls.

In this gloomy scenario, there is enough scope and opportunity of fighting back and regaining the strength. The strict implementation of discipline and the infusion of the sense of loyalty among the representatives must be ensured. Otherwise the period from 2018 to 2023 in future, might resemble to that from 1988 to 1993 which is never cherished and also not good for the future of the state as well as for democracy.

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