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The whole of Greater Imphal declared containment zone

The order issued Thursday comes in the wake of the increase in the number of persons infected by Covid-19 which is increasing rapidly day by day.

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Imphal: The Chairperson in charge, State Executive Committee of the State Disaster Management Authority and Chief Secretary in-charge M H Khan has notified the whole of Greater Imphal as a containment zone, with immediate effect and will remain in force for seven days suspending all activities and movement of persons, except the permitted activities.

The order issued Thursday comes in the wake of the increase in the number of persons infected by Covid-19 which is increasing rapidly day by day.

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The exemptions given include: movement of goods vehicles including vehicle carrying oxygen/oxygen cylinders, all healthcare facilities including animal healthcare, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and movement of healthcare workers, all pharmacies, and including those selling veterinary medicines.

The exemptions also include all persons going for COVID-19 vaccination, Covid testing and medical emergencies, all employees and personal staff working in Home, Health, Relief & DM, Police departments and District Administration (all other offices in Greater Imphal area to remain dosed) and all personnel deployed for providing essential services like drinking water, power, firefighting, waste/garbage collection, ATM services.

All vegetable fish/meat vendors (except in Ima Keithel), milk booths from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M will also be exempted provided they maintain physical distancing and all local grocery stores including animal feed shops for purchase by locals from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M.  Also, wholesale shops in Imphal may open at the rate of one in three shops on rotation from 6 AM to LOAM.

Petrol pumps will remain open as usual, while ensuring there is no crowding, all establishments, and personnel relating to electronic and print media, telecom service providers, and Imphal airport will remain open and movement of staff and passengers will be permitted.

The term Greater Imphal mentioned above order shall be as per description of areas contained in the Manipur Gazette Notification 198(A) published on 5th September 1994 vide Notification No. 3/23/75-LSG/TP dated on 1st September 1994 issued by Secretariate: MAHUD Department, Government of Manipur.

Imphal East District: Luwangsangbam, Ashiloklen, Matai, Achanbigei, Kontha Khabam, Lamlongei, Kontha Ahallup, Kairang (Meitei), Konsam Leikai, Lairikyengbam Leikai, Laipham Siphai, Khurai Sajor Leikai, Khurai Thongam Leikai, Khurai Laishram Leikai, Moirang Kampu, Bashikhong, Top Dusara, Top Dusara (Imphal), Laingampat, Ningthoubung, Chingangbam Leikai, Khaidem Leikai, Kongkham Leikai, Porompat, Khurai Khongnangmakhong, Top Naoriya, Kshetrigao, Naharup, Kongba Nongthombam Leikai, Ganga Pat, Keikhu Hao, Thangbrijou, Uchekon Khunou, Uchekon, Maning Pat, Nandeibam Leikai, Khongman, Torban (Khestri Leikai), Luwangei, Thongju, Kitnapanung, Loumanbi, Wangkhei Loumanbi, Takhok Awang, Bamon Kampu, Machahal, Kiyamgei, Kajipat.

Imphal West district: Ghari, Langjing-I, Langjing Part-II, Takyel, lroisemba, Meitei Langol, Bijoygovinda, Lamjaotongba, Sagolband, Sangaiprou Maning, Langthabal Kuja, Langthabal Mantrikhong, Meitram, Malom Tulihal, Malom Tuliyaima, Ningombam, Langthabal Lep, Mongsangei, Sangaiprou Mamang, Heinou Khongnembi, Naoriya Pakhanglakpa, Maibam Leikai, Sorokhaibam Leikai, Ahongsangbam Leikai, Oinam Thingel (Khongnangpheidekpi), Laiphrakpam Leikai, Naorem Leikai, Oinam Leikai.

The containment zone as described in the above order dated 29-04-2021 shall include areas under Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) and areas under Greater imphal as described at para above.

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