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Rajnath Singh sets target for Indian Army to be future ready

The Indian Army also is working on technology and organizational structure, and an unparalleled research is going on, besides considering new platforms and equipment, Rajnath said.

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Bengaluru: On the occasion of Army Day celebrations on Sunday, Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh gave a target to the Indian Army to be future ready.

“Today, on the auspicious occasion of Army Day, I give a target on behalf of the government and the society. That is – the Indian Army to be future ready,” he said.

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Raksha Mantri said today most of the world’s armies are engaged in their modernization and are working on their thoughts and ideas. 

The Indian Army also is working on technology and organizational structure, and an unparalleled research is going on, besides considering new platforms and equipment, Rajnath said.

In this context, Raksha Mantri asked the Indian Army to keep in mind tomorrow and work on their strategy, tactics and policies.

“Every today becomes tomorrow’s yesterday. That’s why the army or organization, which prepares itself only according to today, becomes old soon, and cannot remain effective for a long time. So it is necessary that instead of today, we think about tomorrow, and day after tomorrow, think about the next 25-30 years, and work on it,” he said.

“This will pave the way for our security and prosperity in the future. Come, let us together take India forward, and build a developed and secure India from all sides,” he said.

Rakshan Mantri gave credit to India’s security system for India’s increasing growth story. “Because of India’s strong security system, the country is continuously moving forward as one of the fastest growing major economies in the world, becoming the fifth largest economy in the world,” he said.

The increasing security system also has contributed to the increase in bank credit, and never-before record collection of income tax and GST, Rajnath said.

“It is also a proof of the strength of our security system that in the last few years, India has emerged as a preferred and reliable investment destination for the world. I am not just saying this, but the world’s big agencies and global business leaders believe this,” he said.

Rajnath also said that the strong security system also helped India record the highest ever FDI inflow of 83.57 billion US dollars in the last financial year. 

“You all know that when a business house invests in a country, it does it very carefully, after checking a lot, looking at the security arrangements there,” he said.

Rajnath also said because of India’s strong culture, and its unbroken tradition and strong security system, the country has not faded away as Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations did.

“Like our Indian culture, our army is also invincible. Just like our cultural diversity, you will find diverse forms of our army.” 

“On one hand, you will see our army saving the lives of people in floods or earthquakes, and on the other hand, we see them taking the lives of terrorists from across the border and giving their lives for the security of their borders. This is our army,” he said.

Rajnath said the military’s ability to constantly reinvent itself has been the secret of its strength. “Sometimes I think, why our army stands invincible like a strong wall. What is the secret of its strength? … Looking back, I see many reasons behind this strength. 

“But one of the most important reasons I see is the military’s ability to constantly reinvent itself. The ability to constantly adapt to the times, and to adapt to the new times,” he said.

Raksha Mantri said with the passage of time, India’s security challenges are also changing continuously, but despite this, the Indian Army has continuously changed along with the changing challenges, and it has proved itself on every front. 

Rajnath said the Indian Army has been at the forefront in its determination to ensure territorial integrity for the last 75 years. “No matter how challenging, adverse and difficult the situation is, the patience and determination of our soldiers has always been unwavering,” he said. 

The Indian Army has successfully faced all the challenges within the country including threats from the western and northern borders, Rajnath said, adding that this has been possible because of the commitment of the Indian Army to uphold India’s tradition rich in courage, valor and sacrifice. 

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