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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Manipur CM launches training to learn seven local languages

If different communities inhabiting the State begin to think only for their respective communities, the meaning of State will be lost, he added.

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Imphal: Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said it is a win- win situation for all to learn different languages and our identity will not be compromised in learning different languages. 

Addressing a two month local language training programme of seven languages” here on Friday, Biren Singh said the motive behind the local language training programme is to maintain unity among different communities and help each other learn and understand other languages and culture.

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If different communities inhabiting the State begin to think only for their respective communities, the meaning of State will be lost, he added.

Mentioning that the programme is a long-term plan of the Government, the Chief Minister continued that we could go deeply in something when learned or expressed in our mother tongue. As an example, he stressed the need for filing of First Information Report (FIR) by police in the local language of complainants adding that the latter can express more precisely in their own languages.

Further stating the importance of learning different dialects, he informed that priority would be given to those candidates who know multiple local languages, in recruitment of the State Government’s Job.

Expressing satisfaction that many students applied for the training programme, he even stressed the need to extend the language training programme for elders to create a healthy relationship among different communities. He also expressed the need to include the State’s history in the syllabus of School Students to make our younger generations aware of our history and civilization.

N. Biren further raised concern on the worsening of our society, with the absorption of western culture without proper education, knowledge and infrastructure. He also urged all parents and guardians to restrict the usage of mobile phones by their wards only for education and gaining knowledge, as it has become one of the factors for degradation of our society.

Education Minister Th. Basanta Kumar Singh, appreciated the Chief Minister’s far-sighted vision and for coming up with the initiative of the local language training programme.

He said the initiative would remain as a significant step in the history of Manipur adding that the same would help in bringing different communities of the State closer to one another.

Stating that the Education Department had taken up many initiatives to improve the education system, the Minister informed that the Department had even sought funds from external funding agencies to improve the infrastructure of educational institutes and to address the shortage of staff.

He further informed that the Education Department would come up with new uniforms (T-shits and Check shirts) for Government schools from the next academic session.

He also mentioned that a Command & Control Centre had been constructed at Bapupara for real time monitoring of schools and added that the Central Government had also sanctioned Rs. 3 crore for implementation of the same.

The training programme for seven local languages including Meitei, Tangkhul, Poumai, Rongmei, Anal, Paite and Thadou will be held for two months with 40 participants.

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