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Infighting between political parties creating problem to run administration in Tripura

The police personnel source has informed that the agitating tribal people didn't follow the order of the police.

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Udaipur: The infighting condition between political parties creating problems to run the administration in an efficient way in the state Tripura and the general public-facing problem to get government services like the benefit of PMAY in village level of the state Tripura, said a high officials source in the state Tripura.
A feeling of fear and panic among tribal people at Kalaban Village Council (VC) area owing to political violence among the supporters between BJP and Tipra Motha at Kalaban Village Council office on Friday to stop the checking work of beneficiaries list under PMAY scheme.
Sharing this information on behalf of BJP supporters, a section of people said Panchayat Secretary of Kalaban Village Council Haridhan Paul has called to Convenor of Kalaban Village Council Development Committee Janthu Marak to come village council office in order to check the beneficiary list of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme and a group of six members including Janthu Marak have come to village council office where they were correcting the beneficiaries list in accordance with the order of Annexure- D & C of PMAY scheme.
The sources of BJP also said a group of CPIM supporters Disen Sangma, Shankar Das, LC Member of CPIM and others convincing them as supporters of Tipra Motha have locked Kalaban Village Council office with panchayat officials without any conversation with panchayat officials and they also threatened to stop the checking process of beneficiaries list under PMAY scheme.
After that, Panchayat Secretary Haridhan Paul informed the news that they are locked in the village council office and the police personnel rush out of the Kalaban Village Council office to rescued the officials in the teeth of political violence.
The police personnel source has informed that the agitating tribal people didn’t follow the order of the police. After that, the agitating people are suddenly attacked with tribal people made warm on police personnel. There was a clash between police personnel and tribal agitating people where Office In-Charge of R.K Pur Police Station critically injured with other police personnel. The treatment is going on at Gomati District Hospital for Rajib Debnath.
Aniruddha Roy, Subdivision Magistrate of Udaipur, BDO of Matabari RD Block, SDPO of Udaipur, Additional Superintendent of Police for Gomati District and other high officials rush out the violece area and applied their strategy to take the situation under control.
Madhab Saha, Ex-MLA of Matabari Constituency said that he has condemned this type of attacking activities on police personnel and also refused the alligations against CPIM supporters raised by BJP. He said the CPIM party doesn’t maintain any relation with Tipra Motha and this type of attack is very unfortunate, unexpected.
A good number of government resources damaged today due to this political violence and a motorcycle bearing number TR 03L5006 damaged. The situation at Kalaban Village Council area falling Matabari Constituency under control but tribal people are feeling fear with panic, said Suman Marak, a villager under Kalaban area.

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