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I’ll give my blood to keep Bengal united: Mamata

"Some divisive forces who have no understanding of Bengal's culture, are repeatedly launching attacks on us, they are shamelessly attacking the very soul of Bengal.

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Alipurduar: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday alleged that some leaders of North Bengal were trying to divide the state with the help of BJP and pledged to give her blood to prevent any such division.

“Some divisive forces who have no understanding of Bengal’s culture, are repeatedly launching attacks on us, they are shamelessly attacking the very soul of Bengal.

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“Our unity is our pride and on this day, I promise to each and every one of you that I will give my blood but I will not let anybody divide Bengal,” Banerjee said while speaking at a Trinamool workers’ conference.

The Chief Minister alleged that threats have been issued to her that she would be killed if she did not agree to a division of the state.

“I say if you have the power, put the gun to my chest. I’ve seen a lot of guns. Don’t show me these guns. I know how to blunt these guns. All this is happening at the behest of BJP.

“Remember that whenever elections are round the corner, the BJP starts talking of divisive things. It starts giving money to some people. But they disappear into the darkness when the election ends. So stay united. I will do many things for you. Without the Trinamool Congress, there will be no welfare schemes like Kanyashree, or Rupashree,” she said.

Under Kanyashree, an annual scholarship of Rs. 1000 is given to unmarried girls from 13 to 18 years of age provided they continue their education. A one-time grant of 25,000 is given when the girls turn 18, provided they are engaged in an academic or occupational pursuit and are unmarried at the time.

Under Rupashree, a lump sum financial grant of Rs. 25,000 is given to families with annual income of less than Rs. 1.50 lakhs at the time of their daughter’s marriage.

The chief minister accused the BJP of spreading “fake videos”.

Addressing the people who settled in North Bengal as refugees, she said her government would not evict them, but rather hand out land leases. 

Listing the development work done by her government for North Bengal, the Chief Minister said: “over the past few years, North Bengal has seen immense growth & development. From roads to infrastructure, from the welfare of our tea garden workers to bringing prosperity in every household… Our government has remained firm in its commitment towards serving the people of this region”.

However, she regretted that the BJP did well in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and last year’s Assembly polls in North Bengal.

“After doing so much, I feel bad when I see that the BJP has taken the votes by lying to the people. What has the BJP done? They talked about opening a tea garden. What happened to that?” 

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