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Germany boosts gas intake as Nord Stream 1 reopens

. Transit on weekends is traditionally larger than on work days.

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Berlin: Germany has accelerated gas input to its underground storage facilities after the Nord Stream 1 pipeline recovered transit after maintenance, which had lasted from July 11-21, the data of the Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) association showed on Monday.

During the pipeline’s maintenance, Germany tapped into its gas reserves in storage facilities several times.

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Once exports via Nord Stream 1 resumed, Germany increased intake from 0.1 percentage points to 0.39 percentage points per one gas day on July 23, which ended on July 24 at 04:00 GMT, according to the GIE data. Transit on weekends is traditionally larger than on work days.

Germany has filled its underground gas storage facilities by 65.91 percent, which amounts to 14.56 billion cubic meters of gas, while the European gas storage facilities are currently containing about 66.9 million cubic meters of gas.

In mid-June, Russian energy giant Gazprom reduced gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 to 40 percent of the pipeline’s capacity due to delays in maintenance work on turbines by German and Canadian companies, forcing EU countries to tap into winter gas reserves and consider returning to coal production.

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