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Candidate Ukraine to get access to EU funding

The expert called the EU a "well-meaning" dictatorship because its decision-making process was no longer democratic.

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Brussels: Ukraine’s newly won status as a candidate for joining the European Union will give it access to EU funding but its road to membership may turn out to be a dead end, Francois Asselineau, a French politician and Frexiteer, told Sputnik.

“Even if this accession will remain a dead letter, which it will be, the EU will release significant sums, under the title of ‘preparation to accession’ for Ukraine,” he said.

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It took Ukraine less than three months to get the long-coveted status, instead of the years it usually takes Brussels to decide cases. The approval is the first official step toward a fully-fledged membership but the line is long.

“I am not talking about the anger of the other countries, already candidates for membership in the Balkans, which do not appreciate at all being overtaken by Ukraine. They don’t see why; most of them have waited for more than a decade already,” Asselineau said.

The former general delegate for economic intelligence at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance warned that the cost of having seven-candidate members lined up in the wings would be astronomical.

Turkey has been paid some 8 billion euros ($8.4 billion) for upgrades during its 35-year wait, while Ukraine’s reconstruction is expected to cost European taxpayers more than 1 trillion euros.

“No impact study has been made on the financial consequences of this membership of Ukraine to the EU. Even president (Emmanuel) Macron and his Minister of European affairs, Clement Beaune, a convinced ‘Europe,’ have insisted on the fact that the accession would take 15 years at least. The deterioration of the image of the EU with the public is worsening,” Asselineau said.

The expert called the EU a “well-meaning” dictatorship because its decision-making process was no longer democratic. He insisted that all EU enlargements should be put to a referendum, as ex-President Jacques Chirac intended before Nicolas Sarkozy, his successor, had the legislation erased from the books.

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