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Russia strikes on Borodjanka

"The Russian world has come to us," another man says in the video. "Just take a look at what they've done." 

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Kyiv: The Russian military striked on Ukrainian town of Borodjanka located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the center of Kyiv, tore through two apartment blocks.

The number of injuries or fatalities is still unknown, CNN reported. The parts of the apartment have collapsed, with significant portions missing from the facades. A playground nearby is on fire, with the swinging benches and slides strewn with rubble and splintered trees.

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“A plane flew by twice dropping three or four bombs here,” a man says in the one of the videos on social media as reported by CNN .

“Cries can be heard (from inside the rubble). We are trying to find out if anyone’s still alive (in there), based on their sounds. Good Lord!”

“The Russian world has come to us,” another man says in the video. “Just take a look at what they’ve done.” 

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