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Rahul Gandhi takes jibe at BJP’s income rise

Rahul Gandhi shared a news clipping, and said: "BJP's income rose by 50 percent, and yours?"

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New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday took a dig at the Bharatiya Janata Party, quoting reports that the party’s income increased by over 50 percent.

Rahul Gandhi shared a news clipping, and said: “BJP’s income rose by 50 percent, and yours?”

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According to a report by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), BJP has shown the highest income amongst the National Parties, an income of Rs 3623.28 crores during 2019-20. They spent only 45.57 percent (Rs 1,651.022 cr) of the total income.

This forms 76.15 percent of the total income of seven national parties during the financial year. Congress declared the second-highest income of Rs 682.21 crore, which forms 14.34 percent of the total income of the national parties. Congress spent Rs 998.158 crore, which exceeds its income for that year by 46.31 percent.

CPI(M)’s total income was Rs 158.62 cr of which the party spent 62.63 percent (Rs 105.686 cr). Trinamool Congress declared a total income of Rs 143.676 crore during 2019-20 and spent Rs 107.277 crore (74.67 percent) of it.

NCP and BSP spent more than their income in 2019-20 by 27.58 percent and 63.17 percent, respectively.

Between financial years 2018-19 and 2019-20, the income of BJP increased by 50.34 percent (Rs 1213.20 crore), from Rs 2410.08 crore during 2018-19 to Rs 3623.28 crore during 2019-20. The income of Congress decreased by 25.69 percent (Rs 235.82 crore) from Rs 918.03 crore during 2018-19 to Rs 682.21 cr during 2019-20.

The highest increase in income between 2018-19 and 2019-20, was declared by NCP. Their income grew by 68.77 percent (Rs 34.873 crore) from Rs 50.71 crore to Rs 85.583 crore.

Between 2018-19 and 2019-20, the income of Trinamool Congress, BSP and CPI decreased by 25.42 percent (Rs 48.974 cr), 16.53 percent (Rs 11.534 cr) and 7.96 percent (Rs 56.90 lakhs), respectively.

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