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Only five in 50 food operators in Manipur maintain quality

The 5-stars (Smileys) food operators are: Classic Grande (A Unit of Babina Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd.), Hotel Imphal by The Classic (Hotel), Hotel Imphal by the Classic (Restaurant), Avian House and L.D. Enterprises.

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Imphal: We all know that food is the basic necessity of life. There is a lot of awareness about food and nutrition but surprisingly there is very little awareness about food safety among the masses in spite of the fact that food safety is a vital part of the food industry.

Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation and storage of food in ways that prevent food-borne illnesses and ensures no harm is caused to the end consumer. Food safety practices in the food production chain helps ensure that food quality and wholesomeness are maintained to promote good health.

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has introduced a voluntary scheme called the ‘Hygiene Rating Scheme’ for foodservice establishments under Eat Right India Initiative. This scheme is a certification system for food businesses supplying food directly to consumers, either on or off-premise.

The food establishments are given a rating in the form of smileys (1-5) based on food hygiene and safety conditions observed at the time of the audit, where 5 indicates Excellent Compliance and 1 indicates Poor Compliance of food hygiene and safety standards. Hygiene Rating certificate is earned by an FBO, it can be displayed prominently in their premises.

Moreover, the State Food Safety Authority under the Health Department, Government of Manipur identified 50 (fifty) Food business operators.

They were audited by recognised Hygiene Rating Audit Agency to check the compliance to under FSS Act,2006 like updated FSSAI license or registration, an appropriate layout, adequate lighting, a high standard of cleanliness, suitable ventilation & pest control, hygienic food handling, proper storage of food , Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems, staff training records, etc.

Unfortunately, however, only five food operators out of the 50 in Manipur were given 5 Stars (Smileys) by the FSSAI. Interestingly, three of the five again are controlled by The Classic, a hospitality chain of Babina Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd. Twenty-five restaurants or food business operators get 4 stars, 18 others get 3 stars and two gets 2 stars rating.

The 5-stars (Smileys) food operators are:

Classic Grande (A Unit of Babina Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd.), Hotel Imphal by The Classic (Hotel), Hotel Imphal by the Classic (Restaurant), Avian House and L.D. Enterprises.

The following 25 (Twenty five) Food Business Operators were given 4 Stars by FSSAI:

Angomcha Enterprise (7th Heaven Franchise Cake Shop), Aroma Dining, Bake Me, Hot Pot, LCJA Private Limited, New Maharaja Bakery, Ningthou Bakery, Phunga, Tantra Boutique Hotel, Taret Foods Private Limited, Thangjam Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd., Thangjam Agro Industries Pvt.Ltd. (Babina Outlet), The Grub House, The House Café, ChappanBhog, DeeniaThangjam& Sons (Likla  Outlet),  Fika (Kitchen & Studio), Fitto’s Café, Khwairakpam Ventures, Naoba’s Fast Food, New Blue Moon, Popa Cakes and Bakes, Synergy Food and Beverage, The Ingredient and Veronica Bakes.

And FSSAI has given 3 Stars to eighteen audited food business establishments and only two were given 2 Stars. For any query, please contact: foodsafetymngrievancell@gmail.com

And  please visit Hygiene Rating website: https://eatrightindia.gov.in/hygieneRating/home

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