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Money power pays way for BJP’s success in Tripura: LF-Cong

LF convener Narayan Kar stated that the election result didn’t reflect the oppressive and mal governance of the BJP in five years.

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Agartala: Two days after the announcement of the result of the election to Tripura assembly, Left Front (LF) on Saturday termed the poll outcome unexpected and alleged besides using money power, BJP mobilized the administration and central government illegally to win the elections.

In a statement, LF convener Narayan Kar stated that the election result didn’t reflect the oppressive and mal governance of the BJP in five years. Public life has been suffering from multiple disorders where the democratic spirit was absent, law and order were completely broken down, and political violence became a day of the order.

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The LF and Congress joined hands following the urge from the ground to save democracy and people from the BJP’s “misrule”. At the eleventh hour, BJP spent huge money to buy the votes and used the administration to pull the vote in favour of the saffron camp. Although the attempt was illegal and unethical, BJP succeeded finally which caused the defeat of LF and Congress candidates, Kar alleged.

“We shall sit for review the election result and the situation of the state after BJP won the election for the second straight term. Based on the outcome of the analysis, LF will start its political activities with appropriate modalities to serve the people and protect their constitutional rights,” the statement said.

Congress president Birjit Sinha, however, said that the election result was not the true reflection of the voters’ mood. BJP has manipulated the people’s minds with the influence of money and muscle power and cheated the people’s aspirations. Soon after securing the victory, BJP cadres resorted to violence and thousands of opposition supporters were affected, he alleged.

“We are surprised, the Chief Minister of the caretaker government or BJP leaders didn’t take any step to prevent the violence instead in some places, BJP’s winning candidates, public representatives, and leaders are mobilizing anti-social elements in violence and creating unrest across the state,” Sinha alleged seeking immediate action from the government.

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