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Korean Manipuri Assn urges Indian govt to check armed infiltrations to end Manipur violence

The association asked the government to compensate the families with deceased ones and resettle them to their original locations. 

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Imphal : Expressing serious concerns about the unabated violence that has claimed over 100 lives in Manipur since May 3, 2023, Korean Manipuri Association urged the Indian government to immediately seal the India-Myanmar border to stop infiltration of armed Kuki militants which have wreaked havoc in the state.

Ongoing violent incidents in Manipur affect thousands of people including children, women and elders. Over 100 lives have been lost, over 3000 houses have been destroyed and enormous property has been ruined. Moreover, over 50,000 people are taking refuge at various camps in their own homeland, the Manipuri Association said, in a letter submitted to the Embassy of India to the Republic of Korea, on Tuesday. 

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The association said the unfortunate incidents that took place between the Kukis and Meeteis have been aggravated more with the involvement of armed infiltrators crossing the porous India-Myanmar border.

However, it said, the violence is happening right in front of the about 40 thousand Indian central military forces that are supposed to act promptly to protect the civil populations. The most dangerous reality is the ostensible behaviours and activities of the Assam Rifles which assist in committing heinous crimes of killings, tortures, taking hostages, destroying properties of the Meiteis.

The association also urged the government to respond promptly and deescalade the crise by controlling armed Kuki militants and their allies namely Chin-Mizo terrorists qui sont infiltrating from Myanmar. 

It further asked the centre to rearrange and recheck the recent deployment of the Central armed forces in Manipur to discontinue the killings and destruction of property of the defenceless Meeteis villagers in and around the foothills.

Asking the Union government to immediately withdraw the Assam Rifles from Manipur, it said free movement of vehicles should be allowed on the national highway No 2. by preventing the continuous violence attacks from the armed Kukis and the rioters in Kangpokpi area. 

Stating that mass deforestation and poppy cultivation have become widespread with involvement of drug cartels and armed infiltrators, the association asked the government to compensate the families with deceased ones and resettle them to their original locations. 

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