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Communists of Russia Party asks UNESCO to recognize Lenin monuments as world heritage

There had been some 14,000 monuments to Lenin in the world, but their number had decreased to around 8,000.

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Moscow: The Communists of Russia political party has asked the United Nations and UNESCO to declare monuments to the USSR founder Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) as the world cultural heritage, the head of the party’s Central Committee Maxim Suraykin told Sputnik.

“We sent to the United Nations and UNESCO a request to recognize all monuments to Lenin in the world as cultural heritage as they captured the look of the founder of the powerful Soviet civilization and as Lenin became the symbol of the social changes in the world, “Suraykin said.

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He stressed that some time ago, there had been some 14,000 monuments to Lenin in the world, but their number had decreased to around 8,000.

“If the status of world cultural heritage sites is given to all monuments to Lenin, the states where they are located will be obliged to take care of the monuments and protect them. We are ready to provide a list of all monuments in Russia and the post-Soviet nations, “Suraykin said.

He added that the party had also asked the United Nations to dedicate the General Assembly’s session to Lenin’s contribution to ensuring global peace and peoples’ friendship, as well as to found the World Lenin Price for achievements in fighting poverty and social inequality.

The Soviet Union’s ideology was partially based on Lenin’s cult of personality and almost every town and city of the USSR had at least one monument to him. After the dissolution of the USSR, some of its former members – for example, Ukraine and the Baltic states – started to fight the Communist ideology and demolish monuments to Lenin as part of this process.

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