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Angomcha Bimol Akoijam

China imposes retaliatory sanctions on US and Canada

Beijing: China on Saturday imposed retaliatory sanctions against persons and legal entities in the United States and Canada in response to these countries imposing sanctions on China citing 'human rights violations' in Xinjiang autonomous region. The European Union foreign ministers...

Not Just a Piece of Cloth: Cultural Politics of Leiroom Phee and Beyond

There is an intimacy between the body and the cloth we wear. In fact, clothing is, as Marshall McLuhan in his well-known work, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, puts it, “extension of our private skin”. To that extent, clothes are...

Loose talks and Trolls: On Vagina, Public (Sphere) and Struggle for Dignity – 2

“Please do not mention women’s body or body parts in public gatherings” is perfectly a prudent and normal societal code in a patriarchal world. But it is a deeply problematic appeal to be made by those who are fighting against...

Loose talks and Trolls: On Vagina, Public (Sphere) and Struggle for Dignity – 1

“Women are not only walking talking vaginas”, declares Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar in public. “Please do not mention women’s body while speaking in public gatherings”, screams a headline in a newspaper, quoting a women’s group in Manipur. No, don’t get it...

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EU Council to confirm Ukraine, Moldova’s candidature

Brussels: The EU Council will unanimously support granting the European Union candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova during the...
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