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To stop extravagance and increase savings, first of all, one has to do it himself: Dhumal

Dhumal was highly upset with the growing expenses by the new Congress party government in the state and said this had proved that the Congress party was working for itself and ignoring the cause of the people.

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Hamirpur (HP): One has to set examples in order to extravagance and thereby increase savings, said Prem Kumar Dhumal, the former HP Chief Minister cum Senior BJP leader while talking to party Workers who met him at his residence last night.

Dhumal was highly upset with the growing expenses by the new Congress party government in the state and said this had proved that the Congress party was working for itself and ignoring the cause of the people.

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Sharing with the workers the decisions taken to stop wasteful expenditure and increase savings during his reign, Dhumal said increasing savings and stopping wasteful expenditure should be done first of all by us. The former Chief Minister was discussing with the workers who came to meet him at his residence on Sunday.

He said whenever the BJP government was voted to power, the expenses were curtailed whereas they shot up when Congress returned to power.
Dhumal said during his tenure, along with all the ministers, he himself as the Chief Minister had started paying 10 percent of the house rent as rent.
Restrictions were imposed on the Chief Minister including ministers from traveling in vehicles outside the states. Everyone was ordered to travel by train. The Chief Minister himself had started travelling in second class like the general public except for first-class travel. Prior to that, whichever district the Chief Minister used to visit, the officials of that district used to stand at the entry point of his district to welcome the DC SP and drop him at the border of the other district. This practice was stopped.

He said,” While going on the CM tour, orders were given to the DC SP and other officers that whichever officer is required will be called, the rest should work for the public in their respective offices and get the necessary work done. A separate arrangement of pilot and escort was made from each district for the Chief Minister’s convoy, which was closed. Because of escort, the pilot used to run before the state, this extravagance was also stopped”.
The former Chief Minister said many times in political programs, students were brought to increase the number, and this practice was also stopped. The practice of making children stand to welcome VIPs was also stopped. Political social programs were banned in educational institutions so that cleanliness is maintained and the environment of education is not spoiled.
He said that priority was given to carrying out national and regional programs in villages instead of cities. The number of presidents and vice presidents in board corporations was also reduced.

He said he started using files made by recycling the used paper in the Secretariat. Plastic was banned to drain and spoil the environment by banning it. Used plastic waste was procured through local panchayats and municipal bodies and given to the PWD department for recycling. He cut the plastic into small pieces and mixed it with bitumen (bitumen) to pave the roads, as a result of which the amount of bitumen (bitumen) was consumed. There was a saving of Rs.35, 000 to Rs.45, 000 in the cost. Due to better plastic waste management, the Government of India honoured the state for the efforts made by the state government to save the environment and also gave a reward of Rs. five lakhs. In this way, the state gained fame for finding a new way of saving and saving the environment.

The former Chief Minister said victory is achieved only by determination. When we had decided, we had also achieved the set target, he said.

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