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Present crisis in Manipur not about religion: Guru Rewben Mashangva

"I am a Tangkhul. I am from the hills and from Ukhrul. And, it pains me to see all the hills of the state becoming barren due to deforestation"

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Imphal: Popular Tangkhul Naga folk singer Guru Rewben Mashangva said that the present crisis the state of Manipur is facing now is not between religions.

Talking to DIPR, Guru Rewben said, “We heard that this crisis is between religions, or between Meiteis and tribals, which is not true. I cannot agree to this misconception.” He added, “Yes, there may be demands by one group or another, but that should be settled by the government based on justice. This is not a fight about religion or between Meiteis and the tribals.” 

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He added, “I am a Tangkhul. I am from the hills and from Ukhrul. And, it pains me to see all the hills of the state becoming barren due to deforestation. As a result, it causes the drying up of water bodies, and we are facing an acute shortage of water. My appeal is to conserve forest land.”

Moreover, he took part in the state government’s ‘War on Drugs’ campaign as an artist by producing music videos. “My appeal to all is not to resort to poppy cultivation, even if it earns huge easy money. Ultimately, it will bring no good and will cause only harm to future generations.”

According to the popular folk singer, every community in Manipur should now involve themselves in the process of restoring peace and normalcy in Manipur.

Guru Rewben appealed to all the people of Manipur, to the citizens of the country, and to his fans that restoring peace and normalcy in the state of Manipur should be the top priority at the moment. He further said that all should work together to reach reasonable understandings and negotiations. People should strive to live in peace and harmony together, he added.

Guru Rewben Mashangva is a folk musician and singer from Manipur, India. He is known for reviving the musical tradition of the Tangkhul of Manipur, and using traditional musical instruments in his songs.

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