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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Manipur Congress to launch stir to restore democracy, act against evils: Meghachandra

Meghachandra said people who speak the truth, and voice the truth about the looting of public money have been punished.

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Imphal: Truth has no relevance, and those who do wrongs are rewarded under the present regime, said K. Meghachandra, President of the Manipur Congress, here on Sunday. 

Addressing a one-day peaceful protest in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Congress Office, Meghachandra said people who speak the truth, and voice the truth about the looting of public money have been punished.

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Democracy has become meaningless under the BJP’s rule, and all opposition members have been harassed by the Narendra Modi government, he added. 

People can no longer endure the treatment meted out to them, and to register a protest over the prevalent condition and action against Rahul Gandhi, the protest was carried out, he said.

Rahul Gandhi spoke only about Nirav, Lalit, and Narendra Modi, not against the Modi community, he said. 

Meghachandra gave a detailed account of the alleged fraud done by Nirav and Lalit. Why are not people who were involved in fraud punished and people who spoke about the matter punished, he questioned. 

He appealed to all to listen to the speech of Rahul Gandhi during an election campaign, for which Rahul was convicted for two years.

He asked if the Election Commission was consulted before the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi, he added. 

The judicial system and the central agencies should not be compromised, he said.

Congress will continue to fight for truth and nonviolence, and its workers will launch a Satyagraha, he added. 

Rahul comes from an illustrious family that sacrificed their lives for the nation, he added. Meghachandra said the speech of Rahul Gandhi about the handing over of Rs 20,000 crore in the Lok Sabha to Adani was expunged. 

Narendra Modi and the BJP want to suppress the entire opposition and all governments ruled by non-BJP parties, he alleged.

Why can’t the issues related to the people be raised? he asked. The increase in the GST rates of goods, the unemployment rates, the decline in the economy, and happiness of people are due to the activities of the present regime, which don’t act on the crimes committed by the people who are in the ruling party, he alleged.

People want a secular, democratic party that believes in truth and nonviolence, and the Satyagraha is a movement to usher in a people-friendly government, he added.

CLP leader, Okram Ibobi, AICC member Gaikhangam, Congress MLAs, and office bearers also attended the protest.

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