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Jaya’s death probe: Arumughaswamy Commission indicts Sasikala and 3 others

The Commission’s 608-page report was tabled in the Tamil Nadu Assembly by the state government on Tuesday.

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Chennai:  The Justice Arumughaswamy Commission of Inquiry, that probed the circumstances leading to the death of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, in its report, has indicted her close confidante V.K.Sasikala, personal doctor K.S.Sivakumar, the then Health Secretary J.Radhakrishnan and former Health Minister Dr.C.Vijayabaskar and recommended investigation against them.

The Commission’s 608 page report was tabled in the Tamil Nadu Assembly by the state government on Tuesday.

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The report stated that according to the Apollo Hospital, Jayalalithaa passed away on December 5, 2016 at 11.30 PM. 

However, the witness said Jayalalithaa died on December 4, 2016 between 03.00 PM and 03.50 PM, and the official announcement of her demise was declared on December 4, 2016. 

The announcement was also delayed and tactful activities like sternotomy and CPR were used to distort the timing and disclose Jayalalithaa’s demise.

The report questioned as to why Jayalalithaa was not taken abroad for treatment even after London-based intensivist Dr.Richard Beale was prepared to take her ovearseas.

Even after eminent doctors from UK and USA, who had reached Apollo Hospital on the invitation from the State government had suggested angioplasty, Apollo Hospital doctors Dr.Y.V.C.Reddy and Dr.Babu Abraham, who treated Jayalalithaa all along, they (hospital) “successfully threw it to the wind on the pretext of postponing it, to achieve their aim under some pressure.” 

Hence, investigation is to be ordered, the Commission said.

The Commission also found ‘criminality’ against the then Chief Secretary Rama Mohana Rao over his signature in 21 forms on various dates for the procedural aspects. Of course it is a man-made lapse and he would reap the consequences, especially because the life of Jayalalithaa was involved and hence investigation is to be ordered, it said.

Dr.Pratap C.Reddy, Chairman of the Apollo hospital issued briefings in his room often without disclosing the real fact regarding the heart ailments and the treatment to be given to Jayalalithaa. 

Though he is the person bound and authorized to state true facts, with his full knowledge that it was not true, issued a press release with a false statement that Jayalalithaa can be discharged at any time. It is for the government to decide and investigate the matter.

The Commission said former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam was all along an insider and formally a part of the inner circle and whatever transpired was within his knowledge, even during the life time of Jayalalithaa. 

He succeeded to the Office of the Chief Minister without any loss of time as though he was in a statement of readiness to fit in. 

He positioned himself as the successor of Jayalalithaa which is not a fortuitous happening.

The AIADMK government constituted the Arumughaswamy Commission of Inquiry to inquire into the circumstances leading to the hospitalization of Jayalalithaa on September 22, 2016 and subsequent treatment provided till her unfortunate demise on December 5, 2016. 

The Commission which commenced its investigation in November 2017 had submitted its report to Chief Minister M.K.Stalin on August 27.

The AIIMS medical panel constituted to assist the Arumughaswamy Commission has submitted that the treatment provided to Jayalalithaa was as per correct medical practice and no errors have been found in the care provided to the late Chief Minister.

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