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Congress will fight for Rahul Gandhi: Salman Khursheed

“We will go to the higher courts to challenge the conviction verdict of Rahul Gandhi and hopefully will get the relief”, he said.

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Srinagar: Senior Congress leader Salman Khursheed on Wednesday said that the party will fight for Rahul Gandhi who has become “the symbol of freedom”.

“It is Congress party’s duty to fight for Rahul Gandhi who has become a symbol of the freedom whether we have a choice to speak in the country under this democratic system or not”, Khuursheed told media persons in Srinagar today.

He said the voice of senior most democratic leaders of the country is being suppressed. “Where will a common man go to register his grievance?” he asked

“I remember a poetry couplet “Hum uff bhi Karte hain to ho jate hain badnaam, woh qatal bhi kartay hain to ah nahi hoti” (If we raise a voice we became infamous, they commit murder nobody raises the issue). This is the present position of the democracy of India”, he claimed.

The former external affairs minister said the main cause of the Rahul Gandhi and Congress party is to defend the democratic system of India.

“We will go to the higher courts to challenge the conviction verdict of Rahul Gandhi and hopefully will get the relief”, he said.

Regarding Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from the Parliament, Salman Khursheed said that if the BJP claims that they did whatever under the constitution of India, why hasn’t the Supreme court dismissed the case so far.

He said the hearing of the case will take place in the supreme court. When the Supreme Court will hear the case it will be known to everyone whether the BJP did it under the preview of constitution or not.

Khursheed said that a consensus is being developed with the opposition parties to form a platform to defend the democratic process of the country.

“There are positive indications and talks with the parties are going on. Congress President Malikarjun Kharge met the opposition leaders recently and they have given their suggestions.. let us see what will happen in the near future”, he added. 

In a question Khursheed said that not only in Kashmir but in entire India the voice of people is being crushed.

“What has not happened in the past 70 years in India is now visible how the voices of the people are being suppressed”, he said and added “What happens or what not happens, how much happened in Kashmir the time will tell us”.

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