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Biennale workshop explores bamboo’s endless possibilities

In fact, the attempt of the event is to bring out the wrong notions associated with the local term used to describe bamboo — ‘Pazh-mula’ (useless bamboo).

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Kochi: It’s not a waste, it’s valuable! That’s the theme in focus at the unique workshop titled ‘Bamboo’, organized by renowned visual artist Rajeev Wind at the Biennale Cabral Yard Art Room.

In fact, the attempt of the event is to bring out the wrong notions associated with the local term used to describe bamboo — ‘Pazh-mula’ (useless bamboo).

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Renowned visual artist Angela Brisnovali from Greece, too, was part of the workshop. “Deviating from the usual norm, the workshop has created an opportunity for people to understand what Bamboo actually is,” Rajiv Wind, one of the country’s finest craftsmen, opined.

“In Kerala’s understanding, bamboo and reed were substances of little value, used primarily by the deprived in the past for the sake of earning a living. Now it has changed. Bamboo has gained universal acceptance. Just think of the fact that bamboo releases oxygen three times more than big trees. The many endless possibilities of use and potential have made Bamboo an in-demand material around the world. The formation of the World Bamboo Organization is a testament to this,” he said.

“Bamboo’s status as an environment-friendly alternative has made it globally famous. Bamboo now commands a position of prominence in all areas of life, including fashion and design, food, handicraft, arts, and products.”

“By applying technology after proper study, the value and efficiency of bamboo can be enhanced many times. Bamboo is used even in the construction of multi-storeyed buildings,” explained Rajeev Wind, also a designer and a visiting faculty at the National Institute of Bamboo Designing and a member of the National Bamboo Mission advisory panel.

The workshop ‘Mannuvarayum Kalikalum’ also got noticed for its drawings using colours made from materials found in the surroundings.

Meanwhile, Ajith Lal will lead another workshop from 10 a.m on February 11, where the play ‘Finding Your Clown’ will be staged and opinions shared.
The workshops ‘Constellations: Chinthikkanum, Varakkanum, Jeevikkanumulla Dhyanangal’ (Constellations: Meditations for Thinking, Drawing and Living) and ‘Memory Book’ led by artists Anju Acharya and N.R. Nithin Lal will also commence by 10 a.m. tomorrow.

The documentary ‘A Night of Knowing Nothing’ directed by Payal Kapadia was screened as part of Biennale’s ‘DIFF on the Road at KMB’ at 7:30 p.m on Friday. The documentary has won the 2021 Cannes and Toronto international awards.

The documentary ‘Navalny’, winner of Oscar and BAFTA honours, will be screened on Saturday. Daniel Roher has directed the documentary. This will mark the conclusion of the 8-day ‘DIFF On the Roan at KMB’ documentary fest.

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