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Tripura opposition forces have joined hands to loot the state: Modi

Modi urged voters to vote peacefully and heavily during the final big rally of the ruling BJP areas before the February 16 polls in the North Eastern state.

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Agartala: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday lashed out against the Left-Congress alliance in Tripura, calling it “unethical” and alleging that the opposition forces in the state have come together to “loot” development funds.

Modi urged voters to vote peacefully and heavily during the final big rally of the ruling BJP areas before the February 16 polls in the North Eastern state.

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Indicating CPI-M, Congress, and TIPRA Motha, respectively, the Prime Minister warned the people not to fall prey to the design of the “Chanda and Jhandawala Company,” which has shaken hands with the “looting company’ and the “divisive gang,” which wanted to restore their old practise of syphoning off the development funds.

He claimed that the central budget has earmarked Rs 80 lakh crore for poor housing under PMAY, the highest amount in the country since independence, and that the “gang” intends to loot the fund. According to him, Tripura has set a national record by constructing over 3 lakh houses under PMAY in five years.

“When I became Prime Minister in 2014, I requested the then Left Front government to take advantage of the PMAY scheme, but they didn’t show any interest. As a result, before the BJP led government came to power, only a few thousand people were given houses, despite my sincere efforts. However, following the establishment of the “double engine government” (governments run by the same party at the centre and in a specific state) in 2018, the figure increased to more than three lakhs,” Modi said.

Applauding the BJP-led government in Tripura, Modi accused that both the Left Front and the Congress wanted to enjoy power and reinstall their cadre raj in Tripura. The leftists considered the people of the state as their “golam” (servants), and they pretended to be “badshah” (kings). He said, “The development in the HIRA (highway, internet, roadways, and airways) model is illuminating every place in Tripura today.”

“No law existed in Tripura, government departments were run by CPM cadres; police stations were under the cadres’ control during the LF’s long rule. The government facilities were limited to their cadres. However, the BJP quickly established the rule of law and peace,” the Prime Minister observed.

He claimed the state now didn’t have a single family which did not enjoy the benefits of BJP’s double-engine government. The BJP governed for five years with the philosophy of king Radha Kishore Manikya and Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore who always preferred the development of the poor and backward sections of society.

“In Left regime, no other party was allowed to erect their flags and festoons even during the election. However, the BJP has ensured a level playing field for every political party that is freely carrying on its political activities,” Modi said, adding, “Dusra Jhanda laganewale ko shyam ko danda lagtatha.”

The Prime Minister described the CPI-M-Congress adjustment as “unethical” and an “adjustment of leaders,” adding, “The CPI-M cadres have killed a large number of Congress workers over the past 25 years when they were in power. “The CPI-M regularly subjected Congress supporters to atrocities and torture, and their legitimate benefits were withheld. But the Congress leaders, just to enjoy power, have joined hands with the Communists. The common supporters don’t accept it, and hence, the BJP’s return is certain with an absolute majority.” 

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