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All words used to criticise govt banned: Cong on ‘unparliamentary list’

"Jumlajeevi Tanashaah shed crocodile tears when his lies and incompetence were exposed," the slide cited as an example.

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New Delhi: The Congress on Thursday slammed the Narendra Modi-led government for trying to shut down opposition voices further, this time by issuing a new list of words used by them to criticize the government, as “unparliamentary”.

Words like ‘jumlebaaz’, ‘Covid spreader’, and ‘Snoopgate’ were in this new list issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat ahead of the Monsoon Session that is not to be used on the floor of the two Houses.

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Words like ‘dohra charitra’, ‘nikamma’, ‘nautanki’, ‘dhindora peetna’ and ‘behri sarkar’ are among those which should not be used by Parliamentarians, and if used, would be expunged from the records.

Taking a dig at the government for coming out with the new list, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi shared a slide saying that the word ‘unparliamentary’ meant “words used in discussions and debates which correctly describe the PM’s handling of the government, now banned from being spoken”.

“Jumlajeevi Tanashaah shed crocodile tears when his lies and incompetence were exposed,” the slide cited as an example.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, commenting on the new list, said, “The intention of the government is that when they indulge in corruption, it should not be called corruption but a ‘masterstroke’.”
“For ‘jumlas’ like ‘Two crore employments’, ‘doubling farmers’ income’, they should not be called ‘jumlajeevis’ but told ‘thank you,” she said.

“P.S. – Who used the word ‘andolanjeevi’ for ‘annadatas’ (farmers) in the Parliament,” she said.

Prime Minister Modi, while replying to the motion of thanks on President Ram Nath Kovind’s address in Lok Sabha in February 2021, had used the term ‘andolanjeevi’ and said the farmers’ protests have been taken over by them.

Congress’ media department chief Jairam Ramesh said, “All words used by the opposition to show the truth of the Modi government will now be treated as ‘unparliamentary’. Now, what next?”

Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil said, “The word ‘Jumlebaaz’ was never before considered unparliamentary… when BJP was in Opposition they used words like ‘lying’, and ‘corruption’… at that time they did not find it unparliamentary”.

As per sources, the latest list of unparliamentary words compiled by Lok Sabha Secretariat includes ‘anarchist’, ‘Shakuni’, ‘dictatorial’, ‘taanashah’, ‘taanashahi’, ‘Jaichand’, ‘vinash purush’, ‘Khalistani’ and ‘khoon se kheti’.

Other words included are bloodshed, betrayed, ashamed, abused, cheated, ‘chamcha’, ‘chamchagiri’, ‘chelas’, corrupt, coward, criminal, crocodile tears, disgrace, donkey, drama, eyewash, fudge, hooliganism, hypocrisy, incompetent, mislead, lie and untrue among other words.

Lok Sabha Speaker and Rajya Sabha Chairman have the last word in deciding which words to be expunged from the record.

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