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90 nations join hands to revive Modern Pythian Games

The Pythian Games will take place every four years, and any national or state council should be allowed to bid to host them.

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New Delhi: Royal Majesties, Ambassadors, entrepreneurs, cultural organizations, and artisans from more than 90 nations came together to constitute the International Pythian Council and to celebrate the revival of the Delphi Idea of “Modern Pythian Games” on Thursday here at Hotel Le Meridian.

Bijender Goel, the founder, who conceptualized the idea of Modern Pythian as Pierre de Coubertin, addressed the press conference and briefed them on the concept of the modern Pythian Games.

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Her majesties Riene Nadia Harihiri; African region and OyenikeBabyemi- Saulawa, Nigeria; Majesty UPU LATU M.L. Benny Ahmed Samu Samu, Indonesia; Majesty Mudarasulail A. KARIM, Philippines; Prince Yannick Emilien Sans D’Agust, France; also spoke of their support to the modern Pythian Games.

Goel said: “Pythian Games were to art and culture what the Olympics were to sports. Since 582 B.C., it has been part of the Pan Hellenic Games, along with the Olympics. Since 394 A.D., all Pan-Hellenic games have been discontinued. The Olympics Games were reintroduced in 1894, “Modern Pythian Games are a single global platform for the vibrant exchange of arts, culture, tradition, adventure, entertainment, games, e-sports, air sports, and martial arts.

“There are opportunities for the artisans to represent their flag. It will help national economies by promoting tourism and generating employment for artisans and other stakeholders. An initiative to organize the creative industry, worth 800 billion euros, into an organized sector.”

He mentioned that the creation of the founding executive board of the International Pythian Council and the appointment of founding representatives across the world is an important step for the smooth governance of the 1st Global Cultural Movement for the Modern Pythian Games.

PanosKaltsis, Former Mayor of Delphi has been nominated as the 1st President of the International Pythian Council and I shall manage the affairs as Secretary General.

Goel also shared that a general assembly meeting recently concluded on the 24th of September where we introduced the ‘Pythian Charter” to the general assembly and the house unanimously authorized the Executive Board of the IPC for further initiative and to protect the interest of the Modern Pythian Games.

He also informed that he proposed to hold the 1st Pythian Games in 2027, Junior Pythian Games in 2025, and Para Pythian Games in 2024.

He said that the revival of the Pythian Games is just a completion of one phase and it is time for us to create legal structures around the world and appoint/ nominate governing bodies for all respective National Pythian Councils and International Pythian Councils, and initiate arts and cultural activities.

Pythian Games has been part of the Pan Hellenic games in ancient Greece and were ranked second in importance behind the Olympics. Unlike the Olympics, the Pythian Games also featured competitions for art and dance, which predated the athletic portion of the games, and women were allowed to take part in some events. Wrestling, chariot racing, poetry, etc. were part of the Pythian Games.

The Pythian Games will take place every four years, and any national or state council should be allowed to bid to host them.

The various events have been organized according to various artistic categories, and the games, festivals, and engagements will take place in each of the eight primary creative fields: musical arts, performing arts, visual arts, social and traditional arts, language and literary arts, architecture and ecology, robotics and digital arts, martial arts, amusement, adventure, e-sports, air sports, and traditional games, as well as assistance in resurrecting dying creative forms.

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